Hypnosis for Weight Loss - It isn't just about what we eat or how much we exercise. Gaining weight can be caused by lots of things - stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, and holding onto the past. Sometimes it's important to work on those things, before even talking about eating habits, patterns, or exercising. In this way I can find out how and why you started gaining weight and deal with those issues. Then we can move on to find ways that you enjoy moving your body, and it doesn’t have to be traditional exercising; it can be gardening, playing a sport, dancing, or anything you enjoy doing. Losing weight, means changing eating habits and patterns, and knowing what foods are good for your body, without dieting. Making changes that are permanent and that work for you, so you have a sense of well-being and health, not one of feeling deprived.

Hypnosis for Addiction - Yes we can be addicted to just about anything - , alcohol, smoking, pornography gambling, shopping, pain medications, ; the list is endless. So what does this addiction do to your life? It controls you, you don't control it. It takes time away from you, your family and friends. You jeopardize your health, money, mobility. Then you start going into denial, “oh it’s not so bad” as things become increasingly worse and you start being secretive about what you are doing and life starts to have a spiral effect. Since you are seeking help, that means you are staring t to recognize the problem for what it is and what it is doing to your life.

Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind, to alleviate what is causing the addiction such as: stress, anxiety, past problems, etc.

Hypnosis with Cancer - There is no greater power in the world than your own mind and hypnosis helps you to open the power of your subconscious mind to start the healing process.  Improving the quality of your life, and relaxing the body and mind by using powerful positive suggestions and visualization.

Hypnosis can reduce symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy, such as; pain, nausea, fatigue, hot flashes; anxiety, guilt, anger, hostility; frustration, and the sense of loneliness. You empower yourself to take part in the healing process, building up your confidence and self-esteem, bringing out the fighter within you. YOU are in control, mentally, physically, emotionally.

Hypnosis for Pain Management - Hypnosis helps manage pain and reduce discomfort by relaxing you. When you are in the relaxed state, your breathing is slower and your whole body has a peaceful, comfortable feeling.  In this pleasant state your mind is directed away from the pain and you can image a healing feeling taking place in your body and mind. You can use these new sensations anytime you want, replacing old triggers with new pleasant ones.

Motivation to Exercise - Finding something you have fun doing; walking, dancing, playing sports. It doesn't mean going to the gym.

Hypnosis for Children and Young Adults - Trouble with concentration, anxiety, overeating, and bullying.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance - Whether it’s improving your game, becoming more focused, or fine tuning a certain move.

Hypnosis for Test Anxiety/Memory Recall - Passing that test, and having a sharper memory.

Hypnosis for Self-Confidence - Believing in yourself, feeling good about you.

Hypnosis for Smoking -   Start living a healthier life. 

Other Hypnotherapy Services:

  • Addictions
  • Anger and Frustration Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Exams/Tests
  • Grief
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation
  • Nail Biting  
  • Pain Management
  • Phobias and Fears/ driving,flying/ dental procedures, enclosed places etc.
  • Public Speaking 
  • PTSD 
  • Self-Confidence
  • Sleeping
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress
  • Teeth Grinding   
  • Tension
  • Weight Loss


And the list is endless for whatever you want to achieve in your life.

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