Children and Hypnosis

I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with several children from ages 9 and up with great success.

Children have no preconceived notions about hypnosis so they can go into a relaxed state very easily.

I take time to explain what hypnosis is and most importantly what it isn’t and that it’s just the day dreaming state and they can open their eyes anytime they want.  There is no mind control, hypnosis teaches them to learn to relax and breathe so they have control over their body and mind. 

This helps them to do things that make their lives better, such as ADD,  ADHD; anxiety, fears, phobias, bed wetting, overeating, sports performance loss of a parent, the possibilities are endless.

Seeing children being able to go to school without anxiety, making the cheer leading team, making better grades, monitoring their computer time etc., has been such a reward to me, their parents and most importantly to them.  Developing that “can do it attitude” changing their mindset as children to what they want in their lives, paving the way and making life easier as an adult by learning how to handle all situations as a child.

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