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There is no greater power in the world than your own mind and hypnosis helps you to open the power of your subconscious mind to start the healing process. Improving the quality of your life, and relaxing the body and mind by using powerful positive suggestions and visualization.


Hypnosis can reduce symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy, such as; pain, nausea, fatigue, hot flashes; anxiety, guilt, anger, hostility; frustration, and the sense of loneliness. You empower yourself to take part in the healing process, building up your confidence and self-esteem, bringing out the fighter within you. YOU are in control, mentally, physically, emotionally.


Pain Management

Hypnosis helps manage pain and reduce discomfort by relaxing you. When you are in the relaxed state, your breathing is slower and your whole body has a peaceful, comfortable feeling.  In this pleasant state your mind is directed away from the pain and you can image a healing feeling taking place in your body and mind. You can use these new sensations anytime you want, replacing old triggers with new pleasant ones.

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