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Hypnosis Helps Yo-Yo Dieter Lose Weight and Be Happy

Marie A. had been struggling for years with yo-yo dieting, but was never able to keep it off for any length of time. When I saw her she was in a position where she had to lose the weight to get a surgery on her knee. After filling out her intake form and talking to her, weight was a secondary problem to other issues. She was holding onto a lot of stress from the past and sabotaging herself. Once I worked on her core issues, things started to get better. She started dealing with the real problems and feeling better about herself and the weight started coming off.Through hypnosis she started to feel confident and had more self-esteem. She realized she had been doing it to herself. I am happy to say, she was able to have her surgery.

What Client's Have To Say:

Hi Mary Jo.  Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.  I am now in Frankfurt, on route to Romania and just deboarded a transatlantic.  We are waiting for our 3rd flight.  I had not one second of anxiety/claustrophobia and we even had to switch terminals on a train. AF

Hi Mary Jo Thank you so much for your help and support.  The sessions with you were great and they work, they are still working.  To anyone who reads this, this lady’s enthusiasm for the work she does is very contagious it makes you realize that we need more people like her who can help and who care about what they do.  Thank you again for all you did for me.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!

LaNette B

Absolutely AMAZING, Mary Jo is top notch! I took my niece to help her pass a test (she took many times prior & failed)) after 1 appointment with Mary Jo, she passed with flying colors! I can't say enough good things about Empowering Hypnosis & Mary Jo, highly recommended her.

Heather B

"Jo is an amazing talent and extremely compassionate.  Her skill set with Hypnosis is extraordinary and she has a dynamic personality as well.  Jo helped me with weight loss and the results were amazing.  I would highly recommend Jo and Empowering Hypnosis.  What are you waiting for, give her a call today"

Craig M.

I came to see Jo for help with weight loss. I've tried many diets that got weight off, but it would come right back on again.  This time I decided I needed to address the real issues around my eating habits.  Instead of looking for a quick fix, I wanted to get to the core of my unhealthy choices.  I met with Jo for four sessions over a two month period.  In the first month, I noticed a real change in my attitude towards food.  I am down 7 lbs. I'm looking at food in a new and refreshing way, looking forward to meal preparation and selecting the right foods for my body. I'm also motivated to get up in the morning and do my exercise routine. My partner has also noticed a real change - my obsession with food has diminished and my anxiety has also gone way down.  I see this as part of my life journey, to make the best choices for my health.

Added bonus - I sleep so much better and wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic!

Jo is super friendly, funny and builds a great rapport.  She spends time getting to know you and builds the hypnosis specifically around your needs.  She is fantastic! Highly recommended!!!

Keri C.

Jo tailored my sessions just for me and helped me tackle self-esteem and childhood trauma issues while helping me explore my creative side. I can't recommend her enough!

Mariam Way

I have suffered from extreme motion sickness and have been taking prescription medication for it whenever I travel for about 30 years. Mary Jo was very sympathetic and after several sessions with her and several months of practice, I was able to both fly and take buses without medication or being sick for the first time in 50 years! That is a successful treatment!


I was a bit skeptical to try hypnosis as a way to deal with my anxiety of heights. However, after a session with Jo and by listening to personalized audio recordings by her, I was able to complete a hike on a steep mountain that would have been impossible before. I have also been able to successfully use the tools learned from Jo in business situations. Jo is very talented and knowledgeable in her field, I would highly recommend her.

Lena Berglund

When I first met Jo my husband I separated and I knew I needed to make changes. I had a drinking problem and wanted help to quit. Jo is amazing!! After my first session I felt great it's almost been two months and I have no cravings for alcohol what's so ever. I feel confident, no anxiety! I am currently working on quitting smoking and I know Jo is the perfect one to help me along. If you are looking for a positive change in your life please give Jo a call. She has given me a second chance and I love seeing the new and improved me. Thank you Jo from the bottom of my heart.

Cindy Breazile

I have been experiencing severe test anxiety while in a competitive medical program. After my session with Jo at Empowering Hypnosis I successfully completed my school term and got the highest grades to date. I made President's List! She did a second session for me on self esteem and self worth/confidence and I can feel the difference in my performance during my clinical rotations.

Melissa Gilfillan

I struggled with my addiction for years, and was skeptical about hypnosis helping to fix my problem. But now my wife and I are both seeing the results! I am really happy that Mary Jo helped me with my addiction. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner. Thanks Mary Jo!

Anthony Martell

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