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Hello, my name is Mary "Jo," but please, call me Jo. I’m a hypnotist certified by the NW Hypnosis Institute, in Milwaukie, Oregon, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients over the past five years; working with all sorts of individuals to confront and eliminate a wide range of unwanted habits and behavioral issues.


I have used hypnosis for myself in several different areas, so I know the true power of hypnosis and the long term effect it has in making the behavior changes necessary to achieve my goals. I can relate to my clients through my own life experiences, and I am compassionate to those who have dealt with compulsive issues for years with no clear solution. I believe in getting to the root of these issues to help people make real and lasting changes in their lives.

How Hypnosis Helps You

What if you could work with a part of your mind that is1000 times more powerful than your conscious mind? The subconscious mind motivates and manipulates our waking actions, it dictates our desires and deepens our obsessions. It’s the subconscious mind that hypnosis speaks to directly, evoking a deeply relaxing, day-dreaming state (a state between sleeping and waking) where your mind is open to suggestions. Hypnosis has a compelling history of effectively enabling and encouraging an individual  to change old habits, behaviors, addictions, or life stories that no longer serve you. YOU are always in control. Although I am right there with you, I cannot make you say or do anything that you don’t want. You will be able to live a happier, healthier life by getting rid of the stress, tension, and strain on your body and mind that you have become accustomed to.


 Understanding Hypnosis

When a person is hypnotized, they are not asleep or in some strange trance state. The hypnotized individual is aware of everything that is taking place. Even after being brought out of hypnosis, a person will be able to recall anything that took place during the session.

Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Gaining weight can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, and holding onto the past. Sometimes it's important to work on those things, before even talking about eating habits, patterns, or exercising. Learn More about Hypnosis for Weight Loss


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